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The Mirrored Door

Break Through the Hidden Barrier that Locks Successful Women in Place

Drawing on research, stories from her own career, and those of her students and the mid-late career women she has coached, Professor Ellen Connelly Taaffe explains why the five perils of success—being prepared to perfection, eager to please, trying to fit the mold, pushing too hard, and patiently performing and expecting rewards to follow—get us to a certain level, and then may prevent our taking the next step in our careers as expectations rise. She offers a new, empowering framework for navigating workplace challenges with more awareness and expertise.

How Might You Take the Lead?

Choose progress over perfection.  Identify and negotiate for what you want.  Have the difficult conversations. Recognize your readiness. Let go of being liked. Draw boundaries with ease. Know your value.  Raise your hand, voice, and influence.

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As an executive coach, I work directly with a limited number of high-achieving professionals. Most frequently, I work with women aspiring for greater impact with their leadership and careers. I have worked with Board Directors, mid-career leaders, and MBA students and recent graduates striving for the next level. Most are stepping into situations with higher stakes, added opportunity and bigger challenges. They are building their influence, finding their voice, and/or figuring out what is next.


I speak on a variety of topics including advancing women, building inclusion, leadership development, managing self-doubt, navigating career change, and giving and gaining from feedback. I am known for my warmth, wit, and wisdom amidst a humble, thoughtful delivery. I share insights grounded in research along with stories from decades of real-world experience to inspire and equip audiences to build their leadership, influence, and better workplace culture.


Watch, listen, read, and explore my TEDx talk, podcasts, interviews, and articles.  Enjoy!
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Meet Ellen

Ellen Connelly Taaffe is a clinical professor of leadership at the Kellogg School of Management, where she also runs the Women’s Leadership Program. She is a former Fortune 50 brand executive and is now a board director, executive coach, and TEDx speaker. Ellen helps and inspires companies, teams, and leaders to build the future they desire. She is a passionate advocate for advancing women’s careers, inclusive cultures, and human-centered leadership and governance.

Ellen believes that when we play to our strengths and are guided by our values and vision, we can truly create the companies, cultures, and careers that we want.

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