Ellen Speaks.

Speaking topics include: Women, Leadership, Culture

She helps businesses, teams, and leaders identify who they are, where they want to go, and how they are going to get there.

Ellen encourages women to step into their own leadership, let go of past messages and behaviors that block, and realize their possibilities.

She helps organizations to identify and create inclusive people-focused cultures that will enable their employees and businesses to thrive today and tomorrow.

Ellen Teaches.

She helps leaders create more agency, opportunity and ease in their careers, companies, and cultures.

She  is a trusted advisor, strategist, mentor, coach, and visionary who inspires and opens new potential and pathways for her clients. 

She enables others to build the courage needed to move forward, take more chances, and embrace lessons learned to create the future they want.

Ellen Inspires.

She has been there. She knows organizational and individual challenges first-hand.

She knows what it is like to aspire for more, fulfill certain goals, only to get stuck or be in doubt of what comes next.  

She taps into her decades-long career where she climbed the corporate ladder then led a small business before becoming a Board Director, Professor of Leadership at the Kellogg School of Management, Executive Coach, and Keynote speaker. She shares her lessons learned while aspiring for a big career, juggling two daughters with her husband, and leading through uncertainty and change.

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